Current Tips for Visiting Parks

With most leisure travel halted and social distancing protocol being followed, national and state parks have seen a spike in visitors looking to fill the void. While outdoor parks are a great place to spend healthy time, the increased number of visitors put both employees and vacationers at risk in crowded indoor facilities. Consider the following few tips to help employees cope and stay healthy themselves.

1. Pack out what you pack in. Overflowing trash cans require frequent attention by staff and are touched by every user. By packing out your own trash, you cut a public touch-point and reduce the volume staff need to deal with. 
2. Picnic with food you bring from home. Overcrowded dining facilities in parks does no one much good when social distancing is requested. 
3. Avoid visitor centers and information desks. Try getting your maps and information online. There are several great trail aps we can recommend via DM if you are looking for guidance. 
4. When using public bathrooms, make sure to use hand sanitizer before and after touching door handles and other surfaces. Clean hands are the key to protecting yourself and others! 

Get outdoors and enjoy yourself, but be considerate of others and think through how you can reduce public health risk by your own small actions.

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