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June is a great time to visit Alaska. The weather can be good, bugs not quite out yet, and less tourists than in July and August. If you like to get away from the cruise ships and wish to see a bit of the inland, then definitely consider a trip to McCarthy, Alaska. Worth the trek, McCarthy is an old mud-laned mining town that offers just enough creature comforts to keep even the most high maintenance traveler happy, so long as they are willing to put some miles on their boots. What do we mean? Well, you can't actually get to the town via a vehicle. You have to walk across the Kennicott River via the public footbridge, then pack yourself about a mile to your lodging. Want to learn more about this charming town? We LOVE to talk about the places we've been. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

My must PAKT item for this trip, is anything in singles. Needing to pack our luggage in on foot, we parred down as much as possible. That meant leaving the bottles and tubes of products in the car. My kit contained as many lightweight products as I could live with for a few days.

Should you find yourself in McCarthy, be sure to check out the below recommendations: 
Best View: From Kennecott Glacier
Best Meals: The Potato 
Best Day Trip: Hike to the toe of the glacier and back.
Would I Return? Absolutely! An experience like no other. 
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