About Us

PAKT is here to make your life on the road a little easier. Whether you travel frequently, bike to work or simply like more convenience in your life, PAKT builds travel and gym friendly product kits using the products you choose. Each custom travel kit is guaranteed to pass TSA carry-on restrictions, meaning your PAKT weighs less and fits better in your luggage.

PAKT was founded by a pair of women who realized that travel and their favorite products do not mix. Packing hair and skin care for a long weekend or business trip is a task, and the resulting kit(s!) are bulky and messy. Frequently picking through collections of samples or subscription box cast-offs in order to save space, we wished for a single retailer that could build our kits easily, with products we actually wanted to use. So, we set out to make PAKT a retail shop that eliminates the bulk, the mess, and the stress of packing for your next weekend trip. Check out the PAKT Travels Blog to learn a little more about us. 

PAKT works to source brands that speak to consumers beyond the grocery or convenience store aisle. Brand partners each have their own unique and inspiring story. Check them out and feel good about the products you support. We do!


About Us - Travel Pakt