How PAKT Works

Step 1:
Pick your products.

Step 2:
We assemble and ship your customized PAKT to your home or destination.

Travel PAKT How PAKT Works

Step 3:
Enjoy your trip!

Travel PAKT How PAKT Works

Step 4:
Find a new use for that old zipper bag.

Old Travel Size Toiletries Bag - Travel Pakt

Are you tired of choosing your hair and skin care products from the selection at the grocery store the day before you depart on your trip?

Ever had a shampoo bottle leak in your suitcase? Or a TSA agent chuck your $30 jar of moisturizer in the trash at security?

Not. Any. More.

Design your custom travel kit from our selection of travel size  products, and leave those beautiful but bulky bottles at home. Everything you need for your next trip, direct to your home or hotel, TSA approved. 

Traveling with PAKT saves you space and weight in your carry-on or checked bag. Just a fraction of the size of your old kit, your PAKT will free up room for that pair of shoes or back-up blazer you really wanted to bring. PAKT is the perfect size to slide into that empty side pocket of your suitcase or backpack.

Don't want to fly with your regimen? Choose to have your PAKT shipped directly to your destination. 

Gone are the days of forcing over-sized bottles into a travel kit. Leave that old zipper bag at home.

Not sure how to recycle your PAKT or its contents after use? Contact us